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In memoriam to our colleague and friend Tony Shuker.  Tony passed away March 26, 2009 and is sorely missed by us and the pharmaceutical industry. Tony Shuker was a scientist and an entrepreneur. He had a First Class Honors degree in Chemistry from the University of Bath and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Nottingham. He then served as a SERC/NATO Research Fellow at Stanford. Tony was a senior scientist at Eli Lilly and Company in Indianapolis. After moving to Georgia, Tony was involved in a number of entrepreneurial ventures and was founder and CEO of Metastatix. Tony served on the Board of Georgia Bio and was an advisor to the Emerging Leaders Network.

Tony was a gifted guitar player and treasured his collections of guitars and musical friends. He was a member of Clairmont Presbyterian Church in Atlanta where he gave his time and talent to the First Light Band. The fellowship he experienced with this band brought him great joy, and he found a loving home in the Clairmont church family.

Curriculum Vitae

Notable Achievements

  • Experienced scientist, executive, and entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Served as President, Chief Executive, VP of R&D, and other senior roles
  • Demonstrated leadership in both large and small company settings
  • Founder of several companies, successfully raised over $45MM in private equity investment
  • Proven record of drug discovery by multiple clinical candidates and IND filings
  • Strong research background in synthetic and medicinal chemistry
  • Scientific accomplishments illustrated by numerous patents, publications and presentations
  • Intimate knowledge of drug discovery, development, and commercialization process
  • Excellent management, presentation, communication, and interpersonal skills

Sisyphus Bioscience Solutions - Atlanta, Georgia

  • Independent life science consultant

Metastatix Inc. - Atlanta, Georgia

  • President, CEO, and Founder
    • Cofounder of small molecule drug discovery and development company targeting aggressive forms of cancer, HIV, and inflammatory diseases
    • Developed and executed company strategy; built company to 22 employees within 24 months
    • Drove company from inception to successful IND filing within 2 years and under $7M spent
    • Over $45M in venture capital raised from a diverse syndicate of investors

Somatocor Pharmaceuticals - Atlanta, Georgia

  • Vice President of Research and Development
    • Responsibility for strategy and operations of R&D activities focused on drugs to treat diabetic complications
    • Oversight of preclinical and clinical programs with 6 director level or associate director level direct reports
    • Leadership role in business development and fundraising activities.
    • Company Director and member of the Strategy Committee

Nutec Sciences - Atlanta, Georgia

  • President of Life Sciences Division
    • Responsibility for life science business unit applying advanced informatics and supercomputing techniques to drug discovery and development
    • Developed sales and business development strategy
    • Served as liaison for corporate-wide collaboration with IBM Life Sciences
    • Managed annual budget of over $3MM for 18 employees

EmTech Biotechnology Development Center - Atlanta, Georgia

  • Executive Director (1999)
  • President and CEO (2000-2001)
    • Founding executive responsible for a biotechnology R&D center and Incubator co-owned by Emory University and the Georgia Institute of technology
    • Initiated 4 new R&D based spinouts
    • Recruited one new company to the state of Georgia

Eli Lilly and Company - Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Senior Organic Chemist and Project Leader (1994-1997)
  • Research Scientist and Program Leader (1997-1999)
    • Led R&D team that accomplished fastest “time to trial” in the company’s history (212 Days)
    • Director of research team that developed 3 drug candidates for obesity and type 2 diabetes
    • Had responsibility for all pre-clinical functions up to and including IND filing
    • Scientific leader for 3 collaborations (Ligand - PPAR, MDI, Harvard – Beth Israel)

Stanford University - Palo Alto, California

  • SERC/NATO Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Visiting Scholar
  • Advisor, Prof. Paul Wender, Ph.D., AAAS Fellow

    • Member of the team that completed the total chemical synthesis of the naturally occurring anti-cancer drug taxol (Paclitaxel®)
    • Discovered key stereospecific aldol approach to C-Ring closure
    • Synthesis of taxol from pinene (turpentine) was completed in 34 steps and 10% overall yield and is the shortest reported to date


1999-2004 Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Associate Professor (Adjunct)

2003-2004 Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.

Lecturer and scholar in residence (Part Time)



  • Georgia Bio Board of Directors
  • The Emerging Leaders Network Board of Advisors
  • BioSouth Board of Directors


  • Metastatix Inc. Board of Directors
  • Somatocor Inc. Board of Directors
  • Atlanta Biotech Network Board of Advisors
  • EmTech Bio Board of Directors (ex. Officio)
  • Zygogen LLC Board of Directors


1988-1991 University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry

Advisor: Prof. Gerald Pattenden, Ph.D., FRSC, Fellow of the Royal Society

  • Research efforts directed towards the total synthesis of natural products
  • Total syntheses of the ylidinebutenolides patulin and neoplatulin
  • First reported synthesis of the 1,3-dioxo-1,2-dithiolane present in lienamycin


1984-1988 University of Bath, Bath, UK

B.Sc. in Chemistry (First Class Honors)

Research advisors, Prof. Malcolm Sainsbury and (the late) Prof. Malcolm Campbell

  • Second year dissertation "The Chemistry and Pharmacology of Antibiotics"
  • The third year industrial placement at Fisons (now part of AstraZeneca)

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