Joey Moodley

Curriculum Vitae


  • Oral Morphine Multiparticulate Formulation  Inventors: Joey Moodley et al – Granted May 2000
  • Process & Machine for the Automated Manufacture of Covered Retard Forms  Inventor: Joey Moodley – Filed June 2003 Pending
  • Solid Oral Dosage Form Containing Seamless Microcapsules  Inventors: Joey Moodley & Ivan Coulter – Filed March 2003 Pending
  • Dihydropyrimidine Formulations  Inventors: Joey Moodley & Ivan Coulter – Filed Sept 2005 Pending
  • Minicapsule Formulations  Inventors: Joey Moodley & Ivan Coulter – Filed Sept 2005 Pending
  • Combination Products  Inventors: Joey Moodley & Ivan Coulter – Filed Sept 2005 Pending

JM Pharmaceutical & Drug Delivery Consultancy - Athlone, Ireland

Provide expert advice on the design of drug delivery systems, set up of processing facilities, sourcing of active/excipients, materials, installation/qualification of process equipment and various other activities related to the pharma/drug delivery industries.

Sigmoid Biotechnologies Ltd - Specialty Pharmaceutical/Drug Delivery Company - Dublin, Ireland

  • Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Developed a proprietary drug delivery technology to address the absorption and controlled release of insoluble and poorly soluble pharmaceutical active ingredients.  The technology is also suitable to convert injectable compounds into oral dosage forms.

Élan Corporation PLC. - Athlone, Ireland

  • Director of Technical Services, 1995 - 2003
  • Director of Special Projects, 1990-1995
  • Director of Manufacturing, 1983-1990
  • Formulation Development Engineer, 1978-1983
    • Redefined Élan’s existing technologies by improving the drug delivery mechanism and absorption profiles of its existing controlled release technology.
    • Key Development: Developed the first true once-a-day, (24 hour) Morphine Sulphate SR Product (Avinza). [Product licensed to Ligand Pharma Inc., revenue >$150M annually. Product sold to Ligand for $100M in 2005].
    • Set up the manufacturing department including the fit out of the area and hiring of personnel.  Managed 90 direct manufacturing employees.  Initiated the Scale-Up, Validation and Commercial manufacture of the above three products.  Manufacturing department had the initial capacity to manufacture 600 million doses growing to 800 million within 2 years.  The three products reached annual sales of:  Cardizem >$200M; Verelan >$75M and Theolan >$20M
    • Development of process technologies to enhance Élan’s proprietary drug delivery technologies.  Assisted in the writing and preparation of numerous patents.  Involved in the development of a number of Phase 1, 2 & 3 products, as follows:
    • Cardizem SR  (Diltiazem Hcl)  ---- US and Europe
    • Verelan SR     (Verapamil Hcl) ---- US and Europe
    • Theolan SR    (Theophylline)    ---- Europe and Japan

Controlled Medications Ltd - Athlone, Ireland

  • Manufacturing Supervisor

Controlled Medications was established as a generic contract manufacturing company by Dr. Donald E. Panoz founder of Mylan Laboratories and Élan Corporation Plc.  The primary objective of the company was to exploit the generic markets of South East Asia, Africa and Europe.  In excess of 500 million doses of tablets, capsules and liquids were manufactured annually. Managed a group of 30 manufacturing process operators employed in the various processing disciplines e.g., granulation, tableting, encapsulation, controlled release coating, drug layering, etc.

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