Nolan Watson

Curriculum Vitae


  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, Prince William Sound Science Center
  • Consultant, National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Applications. Design, construction and renovation of laboratory facilities
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Association for Medical Systems and Informatics
  • American Biological Safety Association (ABSA)
  • Association for Multidiscipline Education in the Health Sciences
  • Association of Strategic Planners (ASP)
  • Distinguished Lecturer - Instrument Society of America
  • International Facility Management Association
  • Society of College and University Planning
  • Society of Research Administrators
  • Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association (SEFA)

Project program manager: As a subcontractor to the Boeing Company for all the Earth Stations (multiple geosynchronous satellites) planning and development for TELEDESIC project, he oversaw the work of 12 different firms.

Proposal project manager:  In 2004/5 he led the University of Washington School of Medicine’s writing of a $25MM NIH-NIAID grant application for a Regional Bio-containment Laboratory (RBL) project. His team developed 65% of the application including 100% of the schematic design, laboratory protocol, and security measures.  The entire project is projected to ultimately cost $68M.  The proposal received the top score among all submittals and was to be funded as requested.

Large-scale facilities: As former Director of Academic Services and Manager of Health Sciences Facilities at the University of Washington, Mr. Watson’s expertise encompasses virtually all aspects of capital planning, management, and program development.

As a scientist, Mr. Watson was a member of the team that developed the first medical application of ultrasound, the first physiological data telemetry system, and the first remote controlled anesthesia device for animals.  He spent 2 months as a visiting scientist at the Max Planck Institute in Frankfurt, Germany.

As a facility programmer and designer, he has planned major scientific facilities for universities, research institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and local, state, and federal agencies.  His facility design work has included traditional wet-bench labs, teaching and research labs, biotechnology, fabrication and process, medical, and telemetry/telecommunications.

As an author and scholar in the field of scientific facilities and research protocols, Mr. Watson has authored over twenty major publications in professional journals and texts.

Board service: He has served on the Board of Advisors of Claris Corporation and the Apple University Consortium; he presently serves as Emeritus Chairman of the Board of the Prince William Sound Science Center and The Oil Spill Recovery Institute.

Research regulation and control: Mr. Watson is currently a member of the IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) at a major cancer research center.

Reviewer:  in 2003/4 Mr. Watson was appointed by NIH-NIAID as a member of the Special Review panel for the National and Regional Bio-Containment Laboratories.

Publications: Mr. Watson has over 20 scientific publications in the field of cardiovascular physiology and together with Mr. Connor, has conducted over 10 nationally recognized seminars on biological containment facilities design.  The latest seminar was in Beijing and Guangzhou in 2006.


Alaska Department of Health, Barrow, Alaska

  • New North Slope Borough Public Health Office and Veterinary Clinic

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Various Locations, Alaska

  • Preliminary Needs Analysis and Facilities Assessment
  • Consultant and Peer Review for 2nd Phase, including Consolidation, Privatization, Programming and Site Selection Criteria
  • Anchorage T.B. Laboratory Renovation for Consolidation of all Statewide T.B. tests
  • Public Health Lab Interim Consolidation Plan and New BL-3 Labs

Alaska Sea Life Center, Seward, Alaska

  • Marine Science Research Facility Upgrade/New Public Exhibit Facility

Arizona Cancer Center, Tucson, Arizona

  • Peer Review for Cancer Center Addition on the University of Arizona Campus

Arizona Public Health Laboratory, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Public Health Laboratory Facility Chemistry & Life Sciences Research Laboratories

Bonneville Power Administration, Vancouver, Washington

  • Ross Laboratory Complex Facility Evaluation
  • Needs Analysis and Project Scope Development for Renovation and Upgrade of Chemistry Laboratory

Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington

  • Predesign for Science Facility including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Science Education
  • Depts. of Biology, Chemistry and Science Education Phase I Expansion
  • Department of Education Black Hall Renovation and Addition Program
  • Departments of Geology and Physics Phase II Program

 City of Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington

  • Tacoma Marine Science Center Feasibility Study

Corixa Corporation, Seattle, Washington

  • Biotechnology and Corporate Facility

Darwin Molecular Corporation, Bothell, Washington

  • Therapeutic Drug Corporate Research Facility

Department of Energy-Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington

  • Conversion of BSL-2 to BSL-3 laboratories

Eastern Idaho Technical College, Idaho Falls, Idaho

  • Physics and Chemistry Teaching Laboratories, including direct training for work at the Idaho National Energy Laboratory

Eastern Oregon University, LaGrande, Oregon

  • New Science Building

Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida

  • Academic Program & Facilities Analysis for a new four-year Medical School Program

Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington

  • Program, Predesign Study, and Facilities Grant for New Chemistry Building
  • Inland NW Natural Resource Research Center

Honolulu Department of Wastewater Management, Honolulu, Hawai’i

  • Water Quality Laboratory Facility

Idaho State Health Laboratories, Boise, Idaho

  • BSL-3 Laboratory Addition

Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho

  • New Physical Science Laboratory and Classroom facility (Phase I) and Renovation of old Physical Science Facility (Phase II)

 Linfield College, McMinville, Oregon

  • Physics Building

Marshfield Foundation, Melvin C. Laird Center, Madison, Wisconsin

  • Genetics Research Facility Design Review

Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia

  • Planning & Programming of Research Facilities, incl. BSL3-Animal Facility

Minnesota Dept of Human Services & Dept of Agriculture, St. Paul, Minnesota

  • Predesign Services of Locating & Developing the Principal Administrative Offices of the Departments

NIH Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Hamilton, Montana

  • Biological Research Laboratory Facility including four Biosafety Level 3 Suites for Housing Infected and Contagious Animals

NIH-Phoenix Epidemiology & Clinical Research Branch, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Research labs, animal facilities and large metabolic chamber

NOAA/University of Alaska at Fairbanks/Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Kodiak, Alaska

  • Multi- disciplinary Research Facility for Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

North Idaho College, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

  • Life Sciences Building

Ontario Cancer Center/Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Research Animal Housing Facility Compliance Review and Analysis

Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, Oregon

  • Math and Science Technology Facility

Oregon Graduate Institute, Beaverton, Oregon

  • Computer Chip Pilot Laboratory
  • Chemistry and Environmental Engineering Research Labs and Offices

Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon

  • Molecular Biology Research Facility
  • BSL-3 Animal Holding Suites
  • Dept. of Pediatrics Biomedical Research

Pierce County Department of Utilities, Tacoma, Washington

  • Regional Wastewater Testing Laboratories Addition

Portland Community College, Cascade Campus, Portland, Oregon

  • Science Building

Prince William Sound Science Ctr., Oil Spill Recovery Inst., Cordova, Alaska

  • Ecosystem Research and Public Education Facility Program and Predesign

Qiagen Genomics, Inc., Bothell, Washington

  • Planning Services

Reed College, Portland, Oregon

  • New Chemistry Building and Biology, Physics and Psychology
  • Strategic Remodeling and Functional Relocation

Seattle Water Department, Seattle, Washington

  • New Water Quality Laboratory Facility

Sisters of Providence, Seattle, Washington

  • Providence Medical Center Dept. of Pathology – Clinical Lab Renovation Needs Analysis and Feasibility Study

Sonus Pharmaceuticals, Bothell, Washington

  • Corporate Headquarters and Research and Development Facilities

South Carolina Research Authority, Columbia, South Carolina

  • Advanced Materials Research Facility at Clemson Research Park

South Puget Sound Community College, Olympia, Washington

  • Technical Education Facility, including Business, Computer, Dental, Electronics, and Nursing Programs

TELEDESIC, Seattle, Washington

  • Program Manager for Satellite Command and Control Center, Control Technical Operations Complex and Ground Systems Definition

Texaco Corporation, Anacortes, Washington

  • Analysis and Testing Process Control Laboratory Renovation Needs Analysis and Facilities Survey
  • Master Plan for Phased Remodeling

Tri County Technical College, Pendleton, South Carolina

  • New Health Sciences Facility

Unified Sewerage Agency, Hillsboro, Oregon

  • New Water Quality Laboratory Facility for Washington County

United States Department of Agriculture, Hilo, Hawai’i

  • Institute of Pacific Island Forestry Facility

United States Environmental Protection Agency, Manchester, Washington

  • EPA Region 10 Manchester Laboratory

U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Jamaica Queens, New York

  • Regional FDA Laboratory and Office Facility

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Centre for Integrated Genomics – The Michael Smith Building
  • Biotechnology Science Facility Program
  • Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory
  • Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics Core Research Facility Expansion for the British Columbia Rsch. Inst. for Child & Family Health
  • Forest Sciences Centre Program for the Departments of Forest Sciences, Harvesting and Wood Sciences, and Forest Resource Management

University of California at Irvine, Irvine, California

  • School of Medicine Cancer Center Addition Program

University of California at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

  • School of Medicine – Gonda Mol. Neuroscience Research Ctr. Program
  • School of Medicine Dept of Physiology Labs Remodel for Cell Biology
  • Chemistry/Biological Sciences Young Hall South Teaching Facilities Program

University of California at Riverside, Riverside, California

  • College of Natural and Agricultural Science Master Space Plan and  Physical Science Facility #1
  • Entomology Building, Design and Construction Phase
  • Entomology Building Detailed Project Program for Teaching and Research Laboratory Facility
  • Physical Sciences Building
  • Biological Sciences Building
  • Environmental Sciences Building
  • Core Instrumentation
  • Biomedical Research Facility, Master Plan and Detailed Program

University of California at San Diego, San Diego, California

  • School of Med. Molecular Biology Research Center Phase III Program

University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

  • Animal Health Research Center

University of Hawai’i, Hilo, Hawai’i

  • Sciences & Technology Building

University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho

  • Life Science South, Biological Sciences Research Laboratories Renovation

University of Maryland Medical System, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Clinical and Anatomical Pathology Labs in the North Hospital Bldg. Feasibility Study and Functional and Space Program for Renovation and Modernization
  • Clinical Laboratories Renovation

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Kraus Building Facility Assessment

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

  • Beard Hall School of Pharmacy Addition

University of Portland, Portland, Oregon

  • Chemistry and Biology Teaching Facility

 University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington

  • Thompson Hall Feasibility Study for Renovation and Expansion for the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics

University of Redlands, Redlands, California

  • Science Building II

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

  • Environmental Chemistry Global Change Laboratory Suite
  • Harborview Medical Center Master Plan Review and Evaluation of Research Programs
  • Harborview Medical Center Equipment Planning for Various Addition and Renovation Projects
  • College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences, new School of Fisheries II Multidisciplinary Research Facility, winner 2000 Cast-in-Place Building Award for Concrete Structures
  • Washington Tech Ctr Research & Production Labs for Dr. LeRoy Hood
  • Research and Technology Incubator Facility for emerging technology from brain imaging , Nanosystems, fuel cells to transportation simulation.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

  • New School of Pharmacy

Washington State, Various Locations, Washington

  • Preplanning Study – Public Health Laboratory, Seattle
  • Police Force Support Facility and Crime Laboratory, Seattle
  • Crime Laboratory – Washington State Patrol, Marysville
  • Forensic Laboratories – Washington State Patrol, Tacoma

Washington State University, Pullman, Washington

  • Strategic Capital Planning Studies for Plant Molecular Biology Facility
  • Fulmer Hall Chemistry Bldg. Renovation Fumehood Evaluation & Study
  • Johnson Hall Addition and Phase II Predesign Study

Washoe County, Reno, Nevada

  • New County Coroner’s Facility

Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington

  • Haggard Hall Science Building Renovation Predesign Evaluation to an Educational Facility
  • New Phase III Science Education Facility

Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas

  • Chemistry Teaching & Research Lab Facility Remodel and Campus Animal Care Facilities Study

Zoological Society of San Diego, San Diego, California

  • Center for the Reproduction of Endangered Species




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